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Quality content items: a list that is actually useful !

We are all chasing the ‘ quality content ‘ — but what does it actually look like? See efforts to get to grips with the ‘ Google ‘ intensified focus on ‘ quality of the content ‘ ranking factor for publishers, search giant released a well known list of useless questions that publishers should ask themselves when creating content.

‘ Bing ‘ was a bit more resourceful with his recent quality content guidelines. However, there are still a lot of holes.

So, here is my attempt to Google and Bing — twenty concrete, proven metrics to help content creators hit earlier in the weak quality content mark list.

1. To help the user to complete a specific task

Create content geared toward the keyword the user clearly-defined combination of intent, rather than an arbitrary list of keywords. To understand how to find the way and the processing of such data for the user, allowing you to design content that allows the user to quickly and efficiently to your next step.

2. Arrange Thematic Sub-Sections

‘ Google ‘ fight with the keywords allowed the smart algorithm updates, which recognise the authoritative content relevant to determine the keyword synonyms and expressions, or idioms and phrases.

To help search for the key to decry-pt the page for related keywords, and each structure to their amendment.

3. Make sure that it is Made to Comply

In Order Made to “Comply”: why some ideas take hold, and others come Unstuck, authors chip and Dan Heath to define the structure, to determine whether the idea is sticky.  Six ideas for sticky content (Central Success) to ask, if it is easy for an unexpected visit, concrete, credible, emotional, and (or) use stories.

4. Write A Strong and Attractive Title & H1

It may be tempting to get creative and (or) a smart with their names, but the readers don’t have time to decode the subtleties. Be clear and concise, and make sure that the use as Moz’s Title Tag Tester tool or submitted’s SERP Tester, make sure it’s not too long.


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